A downloadable Gamersquare

"The Gamersquare is a great way to play games on the go! There are various different versions available, each containing a new game! Get yours by going to the Gamersquare website or by calling us! Also available at your local retailer.  Get yours for only twenty-five dollars! Warning: do not attempt to take apart or dismantle the console. Some versions of the Gamersquare may contain content that is not appropriate for children under the age of seven years." - advertisement for the Gamersquare, 1991

Category: Toys and Games
Condition: moderately used
Turns on fine. Screen is untouched. Most printing (besides the cat) is rubbed off. All buttons work. Game crashes upon the character's death. (fix: press power to restart)

Hidden783 for creating the original Cat Jump. Thanks for your permission, Hidden!

Install instructions

Extract the files from the .zip and run the .exe without moving it.

Press the grey button on the right to turn on the Gamersquare.


Gamersquare U7 - Cat Jump Emulator.zip 3 MB

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