A downloadable asset pack

I was thinking that other people should be able to make Gamersquares, so here you go!

 The ZIP file (Gamersquare Assets.zip) contains everything you'll need to make your own Gamersquare, sorted into 3 main folders:

PNGs has all of the graphics for your game, as well as some palettes.

STLs has some of my 3D models, so you can render your own graphics.

TXTs has four guides on how to make a Gamersquare.

Please note that you can only use these files for non-commercial purposes, and that you need to credit me (TVF) if you upload your project anywhere.

You don't need to use these files for a Gamersquare, but you do have to follow the rules above.

Install instructions

Extract the .zip file to where you want, then look inside for your assets!


Gamersquare Assets.zip 3 MB

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